Agi Haines - Human Enhancement, Medical Futures, Design Futures, Scientific Imaginaries

Femke Nijboer - Neuro Ethics, Our Brain, Mind Uploading, Cyborgs

Frederik de Wilde  - AI & Art, Nft's, Post-Anthropocene 

Jeroen van Loon  - Digital Culture, Speculation through Art, DNA Data

Lisa Mandemaker  - Speculative Design, Future of Reproduction, Artificial Wombs

Marie Oldfield - Ethics, Theory of Mind,  Dehumanisation, AI,  Cybersecurity, Consciousness, 

Kuang-Yi Ku  - Bio Art, Speculative Design, Future Medicine 

Lija Groenewoud van Vliet - Possible futures, Art-Driven Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Peter Joosten  - Biohacking, Human Enhancement, Future of Healthcare 

Marjolein Pijnappels – Ecosystems Thinking, Speculative Futures, Pluriversality and Storytelling

Sara Kaiser   - Sustainable internet, planet-centric design,  biodesign, transhumanism

Etienne Augé - Science Fiction, Propaganda, Superheroes 

Madelaine Ley - Care and Technology, Feminist Robot-Ethics, Attention Economy, Social Justice and Technology


Peter van der Putten  - AI, Religious Bots, Artificial Emotions 

Mitzi László - Digital Health, Computational Infrastructure, Public Utilities

Lily Frank   -  Love and Sex with Robots, Human Enhancement, Ethics of Dating Technology, Persuasive Technology

Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet - Speculative scenario’s, Art-Driven Innovation, Breakthrough Technologies  

Gideon Shimshon -  Future of Education, Digital Learning

Nadina Galle - Internet of Nature, Smart Cities, Urban Ecology

Jim Stolze - AI, Singularity, Digital Transformation, Machine Learning 

Eduard Fosch-Villaronga - AI Bias, Future of Healthcare, AI & Gender

 Nolen Gertz - Human-Technology Relations, Military Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Nihilism

Kristian Esser - Digital Communities, Future of Work, Future of Social 

Malka Older - Speculative Resistance, Democracy, Disasters

Sabine Winters - Utopian and Dystopian thinking, Film and Philosophy, Imagination in Science

Roshan Nejal - Deepfake Therapy, VR, Reality

Rudy van Belkom - AI, Privacy, Digital Activism, Fake News, Future of Democracy

 Robert Zwijnenberg  - Art & Biotechnology, Art & AI, Art & Healthy Aging 

Ermi van Oers  - Biodesign, Energy harvesting, Sustainability